[PlanetCCRMA] OSS blocking ALSA? (Newbie)

Toby toby@fatstudios.com
Fri Dec 5 12:08:01 2003

I apologize if this topic has already been pounded into the ground.  
Iíve read the Web site, and Iíve been monitoring the mailings but Iíve 
been unable to resolve my issue.

OSS blocking ALSA?
I believe that the OSS drivers are blocking my ALSA drivers, but I am 
struggling to remove the conflict.  I have a M-Audio Delta 66 card.  I 
managed to install Fedora, the updates, kernel patch and ALSA drivers.  
The ALSA package appears to be running; however I am unable to get any 
sound out of my card.  The CCRMA Web site suggest looking at the /sbin 
directory (/sbin/lsmod) for installed modules, and then removing any 
OSS modules (/sbin/rmmod mod_name).  But I have no idea, which modules 
are referring to OSS.

Iím running KDE as my x-server.  I believe that the ALSA drivers have 
successfully loaded and have identified my card with the ICE1712 
driver.  I tried to start the ALSA drivers from the command line and 
the system told me that ALSA was already running.  I went into the 
visual mixer (envy24control), and un-muted the two outputs.  I also 
tested the inputs and it appears that I am getting sound into the card.

I would appreciate anyoneís insight into my conflict.  I am computer 
literate, but have little Linux experience.  Thanks.