[PlanetCCRMA] Rosegarden won't start

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Dec 5 10:33:01 2003

> I use Rh7.3 and have installed, I think, all required packages.
> I just did apt-get update and apt-get check with no errors.
> I can use alsaplayer to play a wav file ok, but I cannot get rosegarden to
> start
> I try with rosegardensequencer and it says
> cannot connect to jack server
> initialised MIDI subsystem
> then nothing
> With alsa-patch-bay I can see rosegarden connected to ES1371
> rpm -Va gives me no clues

If your rosegarden version is the latest (should be 0.9.5-1) then you
just found (indirectly) a packaging error I made on 7.3. The binaries
are incorrectly named (do a "ls /usr/bin/*rosegarden" to see what I

You must have a previously installed version of rosegarden, otherwise
"rosegarden" should return (with only the Planet CCRMA 7.3 rpm
installed) a "command not found" error. 

A temporary workaround (while I redo the package) is, as root:
  cd /usr/bin
  ln -s i386-redhat-linux-rosegarden rosegarden
  ln -s i386-redhat-linux-rosegardensequencer rosegardensequencer
You may have to remove whatever older rosegarden executables you have
there before trying to create the links. It is probably wise to remove
the links before upgrading to the fixed package later today. 

Sorry for the inconvenience... these days I hardly ever check running
the programs when building on 7.3 (too many os's, too little time). 
-- Fernando