[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRMA and Red Carpet

Bernard Fortz bernard.fortz@skynet.be
Fri Dec 5 09:34:02 2003

Hi Fernando,

Thank you for the feedback. The problem was indeed the db1 vs db4 stuff,
but all I want is to find a package manager able to work both with
Ximian and Planet, because they provide two wonderful set of packages.

> In a nutshell, they _force_ the install of a package that is obsoleted
> by one of the original RedHat packages, and then anyone (not just Planet
> CCRMA) trying to use a package manager that relies on proper package
> dependencies can't.It is a BIG no no. I would say, bad monkey, no cookie
> :-)

I don't want to enter an endless discussion, but the problem seems
apt-get related: other rpm package managers don't complain. Why is db1
only obsoleted by db4 with apt-get ?  No problem with the plain rpm
command, red carpet or yum. Yum is great, but there is no yum repository
for Planet. 

So the red carpet solution is the best for me, it works well, and it
seems people at Ximian are willing to extend the set of repositories


Bernard Fortz <bernard.fortz@skynet.be>