[PlanetCCRMA] ardour 0.9beta9 recording problem

Karsten Wiese annabellesgarden@yahoo.de
Thu Dec 4 05:56:01 2003

Am Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2003 10:15 schrieb Jorma R:
> Hi,
> The new ardour beta looks and feels better than the previous ones again.
> Yet I have a strange problem with recording: When a channel has the "rec"
> -button up (off) I see the level meter moving. When I switch it on they
> disappear. When I start the recording I get (not suprisingly) silent
> waveforms.
> So somewhow it seems that the track record button is actually disabling the
> record functionality when enabled and vice versa.
> Has anyone else run into this?
here only the meter is disabled on enabling record. Recording works.