[PlanetCCRMA] updates: living on the PlanetEdge

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Wed Dec 3 13:38:01 2003

> Under RedHat 9 there are two new kernels available:
> - kernel-2.4.23-1.ll.rh90.ccrma:
>   based on 2.4.23 with the usual low latency goodies.

I presume this would be the recommended kernel for what is currently a
Planet RH9 type machine?

> The ALSA drivers are based on cvs, post 1.0.0rc1 (it would be
> interesting to see what happens with the hdsp cards and their
> utilities... hi Mark! :-)

<Gentoo/generic - non-Planet - response follows>

I can already report that 1.0.0rc1 didn't break anything major for me. I
installed it two days ago using customized Gentoo ebuilds from Thomas
Charbonnel. (Between you and Thomas, Fernando, life couldn't be too much
better!) It works fine and seems to detect my HDSP 9652 every time I boot
now. 0.9.8 did not.

I have tried 1.0.0rc using Gentoo 2.4.20-r7, 2.4.20-r9 & 2.4.22-aa1. All
work fine. I tried to build 2.4.23 last night and got no network connection,
along with a couple of other problems, and gave up before I got to worrying
about Alsa.

FYI - hdspmixer mix files have apparently changed format with this release.
My existing mix files no longer load in hdspmixer Version 1.6. Be prepared
to make new mix files by hand. hdspconf settings seem to have remained and I
no longer get horrible problems when changing to Auto-Sync mode.

Unfortunately, 1.0.0rc1 did not fix my loud noise problem in OSS emulation.
(Does any Planet user out there have an Alesis AI-3 and a HDSP 9652? If so,
please write.)

Also, for anyone trying LinuxSampler, I can no longer build that source
since either installing 1.0.0rc1 or doing a very minor gcc upgrade.
(3.2.3-r1 -> 3.2.3-r2) I don't know which one broke that code, but it's
complaining about uint's vs. unsigned int's.

I'd say for a pretty major release of Alsa this has been relatively low, but
not zero, pain. Judging from my experience Aaron and other Planet users with
this card should not be overly afraid of trying this out.

My Planet box uses a Hammerfall Light, so it will get an upgrade possibly
this weekend. I don't think I can do too much before you go 'official'. I
did convert it to fluxbox and away from KDE last weekend and this 500MHz P3
seems a bit happier running Jack.

As always Fernando, thanks for running a really great service.

- Mark