[PlanetCCRMA] Kernel barf during modprobe/alsaconf/SBLive

Peter Lawler planetccrma@six-by-nine.com.au
Tue Dec 2 11:42:07 2003

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>>During building of the alsa-lib rpm (from cvs spec), it seems to be
>>setting arch to i386, the cpu type is being set to i686. Should this be
>>something of a concern if it's being built on and for an i586? setting
>>--target during the rpm build seems to have zero effect. Could a CPU
>>mismatch such as this be causing the module loading to be failing?
> No, that is fine, march=i386 sets things for any ix86 processor. The
> module load is part of the alsa-driver kernel modules, the alsa library
> is out of the loop on that. 

so during compile time an -mcpu=i686 doesn't matter then? I'll take your
word for it (or get off my butt and re-read the gcc man page)

>>Further into the build of the rpm, it barfs with:
>>error: File not found by glob:
>>Thoughts and tips appreciated as always,
> Maybe you don't have the jack developer files installed.

That would be correct. I'm following the instructions as provided by
CCRMA to build your own alsa libs, and in doesn't mention putting jack
devel files.

> You should edit
> the spec file and disable the jack plugin, or install
> jack-audio-connection-kit-devel before trying to build alsa-lib. 

Argh! The compile your own alsa driver section of the doc doesn't cover
this... hmmm, i'd like jack, but i figure it's more important to get the
dang thing loading first before moving on to fiddly frilly bits ;)

I assume these devel files can be got from the SRPMS directory on your
server. Will it be a case of installing that and the alsa-lib rpm build
picking this up? In the meantime, i'll hack the spec and try and remove
the jack references.