[PlanetCCRMA] Lockups with 2.4.21

Mark Knecht markknecht@comcast.net
Sun Aug 31 17:05:02 2003

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 15:07, Steve Harris wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 31, 2003 at 03:35:29 +0100, Steve Harris wrote:
> > The only thing I've change in my system recently was the video card
> > (NVIDIA 5200), so that could be related. Just posting this incase anyone
> > else sees it.
> Nope, its still locking up, I tried turning off render acceleration
> (googling suggested that might be the problem) but it didn't help. 
> I'l try some different kernels.
> - Steve 

Is this the stock Planet kernel that's doing this? 

I don't know squat about this subject, but on the Gentoo lists there is
a special NVidea kernel they all use. I had always assumed that was just
for 3D acceleration, but maybe there are additional reasons?

Can yo just run a VGA driver instead of any NVidea driver and see if
that is part of the problem?

Best of luck,