[PlanetCCRMA] Archives? + cdrecord problem

BartonBosch@aol.com BartonBosch@aol.com
Wed Aug 27 18:20:02 2003

Are there archives for the planet mailing list?  If so, where are they?  Rummaging around the web site I couldn't even track down the sign-up area for the mailing list.

Someone recently posted something about a problem between magic dev and xcdroast.  I was trying to burn some disks today under this new planet rh 8.0 installation and ran into some trouble that reminded me of the xcdroast thread.  

I didn't bother with xcdroast, I was trying to use cdrecord with the acpi kernel.  A simulation write went fine, but when I tried to burn the disk with:

$ cdrecord -v -dao speed=4 dev=0,0 -audio *

it went through its normal routine, did the OPC/power calibration check fine, but after telling me that the pregap was incorrect (as it always has), that it was going to start at -150, the red led flashed for a minute or so then the steady green led came back on.  Instead of track 1 starting to burn, the system locked up hard (couldn't even move the mouse pointer), couldn't soft reset, and the caps lock and shift lock leds on my keyboard started flashing.

Is this the same problem as the magic dev/xcdroast problem?  Any solutions regardless?  

BTW -- I was able to use cdrecord with the stock 2.4.18-14 kernel.