[PlanetCCRMA] midi

Christopher Vance christopher@nu.org
Mon Aug 25 04:10:03 2003

I installed the Planet (RH9) on my newish machine with the intent of
playing around a bit with music.  I have an ancient DX21 synth and was
hoping to use it to input stuff for Rosegarden, etc.

My onboard sound is a SiS 7012, an AC97 using the i810 driver.  The
only i810 documentation seems to be for a graphics card I don't have.
Only by installing the kernel sources did I discover the 'no midi'
comment at the head of the file.  Strike 1.

The other sound alternative I have on hand is a PCI card, Turtle Beach
Montego, which uses an Aureal Vortex 8820 and came with my previous
machine.  This works works fine under FreeBSD for playing CDs, but
there seem to be no drivers for Linux.  Strike 2.

Does anybody use either of these cards successfully with midi on the

If I am stuck with buying yet another sound card, what is a reasonably
cheap suggestion with midi working in both hardware and software?

(Oh yes, the hardware must also work properly under MS WXP, for
appropriate values of 'work' and 'properly', but I don't imagine
that'll be a problem most of the time.)

Christopher Vance