[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie Q: Installing Planet CCRMA

Chris Share cpsmusic@labyrinth.net.au
Sun Aug 24 23:49:01 2003


I've just installed Red Hat 9 on my PC.

I've managed to download and install apt-get and Synaptic.

I'd like to use Synaptic to install the Planet CCRMA kernel and sound drivers.

However, I'm having a problem getting Synaptic to connect to Planet CCRMA. 
I've added the following to the list of repositories:


However when I click the Update button, Synaptic connects to the freshrpms 
repository but not to Planet CCRMA

Am I using the correct URL?

What should I add for the Vendor, Distribution and Section categories of 
the Synaptic respository?

I'm a complete newbie to Linux so I'm probably making a really simple mistake!


Chris Share

P.S. If someone could walk me through exactly what I have to add to 
Synaptic to get it to connect with Planet CCRMA it would be much appreciated.

P.P.S. Synaptic is great but it needs some documentation!