[PlanetCCRMA] Creating CD's from the Planet CCRMA .img files

Timothy Rolls trolls@binghamton.edu
Fri Aug 22 05:50:03 2003

    I have installed ALSA from the Planet CCRMA site on my laptop and all
works pretty good. I'd like to install it on one of my desktops, but it
doesn't have an internet connection. I downloaded the img files for the
CD's, but have no idea how to burn them so they'll work (I know how to burn
CD's, but I'm obviously missing a step with this.) I have it all downloded
on my linux laptop. Is there a special flag I need to use for Cdrcord? I
can't seem to find anything on the CCRMA site about this, nor can I find a
HOWTO on this anywhere. Can someone help me out here? Thanks.