[PlanetCCRMA] problems with 4 channels on Quattro

Jonathan Giles jgiles@panix.com
Sun Aug 10 08:51:02 2003


could use some help with this usb audio Quattro by Maudio.

I followed the directions on the alsa site, including the
.asoundrc, with pd -alsadev I get chl 1 and 2 with quattro1
device and ch 3 and 4 with quattro2 device just fine.
running with -alsadev quattro or q4 makes a nasty squeal in
the audio out and nothing else.

using jack I got lots of dropouts in the standard error
output, and the a app crash.

any help with this would be great.  I wrote the alsa list
as well, and no one there wrote back.  I am stumped, and
don't know where to go next.

Thanks very much.


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