[PlanetCCRMA] udpated: jack; added: qjackctl

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 6 19:35:02 2003

* updated Jack to version 0.75.0-1. It now includes the official patch
  that enables running qjackctl in RedHat.

* added Qjackctl version 0.0.2-1, a Qt based GUI front end to Jack. Very
  neat. Don't forget to set the preferences to use your hardware device,
  by default it uses ``default'' which will point to the plughw layer.

Qjackctl will enable me to add a "Planet CCRMA" menu to the RedHat menu
hierarchy so that all Jack aware apps (including the server) can be
launched from menus. For those of you that need to exercise your mice

I started adding a postfix to the release name of the rpms depending on
the version of RedHat they were compiled on. That will make it easier in
the future to do upgrades to newer versions of RedHat. The new package
naming policy will force a complete upgrade of all Planet CCRMA
applications when upgrading to a newer version of RedHat, and that is
certainly overkill, but it is better than the current situation in which
upgrades are not very well supported (I always install newer versions
from scratch so I never had to deal with the upgrade problem). 

-- Fernando