[PlanetCCRMA] jack compile options

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Aug 2 14:45:02 2003

> I'd like to test my theory about performance gains via
> --enable-optimize when compiling jack.

As of 0.74.1 (the latest Planet CCRMA package) I'm building with
--enable-optimize... :-)

> However, I'd like to maintain
> compatiblity with your ccrma packages (don't want duplicate files
> floating around)...  I noticed a couple lines added to /etc/fstab that
> I suspect the planet jackd package wrote (I could have added them
> myself and forgotten though) and I'd like to keep things as you have
> them.
> Anyway, what options do you pass to jacks ./configure?  Specifically;
> --prefix=
> --with-default-tempdir=
> --enable-posix-shm
> --enable-capabilities
> --disable-oldtrans
> --enable-stripped-jackd
> --enable-timestamps
> And anything else you might do.

This is what I'm doing:
%configure --enable-optimize --enable-capabilities
--enable-stripped-jackd --with-default-tmpdir=%{jack_tmpdir}/tmp

And jack_tmpdir is:
  %define jack_tmpdir /var/lib/jack

"%configure" adds all the prefix options so that prefix=/usr and so on
and so forth. You can look at the spec file (it is part of the source
rpm) for all the details. 

-- Fernando