[PlanetCCRMA] Recording using SB Live.

Pete Hamling petehamling@zepler.org
Tue Apr 22 16:33:02 2003


I've installed the Planet CCRMA packages on RH8.0 and everything works
really well.  I've even just got Ardour working with the new Planet
updates.  PlanetCCRMA is cool, thanks! :)

Unfortunately I've still got one problem I cannot sort out.  I'm trying
to record from my SB Live Live drive Line in which works, but when I
record from the line in all other audio gets recorded too, not just the
line in input (I'd like to do multitrack recording).  I've read a few
posts on the subject and played about with my alsamixer settings but
with no luck.  I understand that all of the capture inputs get routed to
the AC97 Capture and I can set it to mix or video or line etc, but none
of these seem to capture the Live Drive Line input.

Thanks in advance,