[PlanetCCRMA] on previous behaviours

Carlos Figueiredo carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt
Mon Apr 14 15:15:02 2003


I followed the recent comments from Mark and Josh in the list and I do agree
with some of either comments. I always had the impression Mark has been very
active and committed to these issues and so I was a little surprised with his
comments. I've been using linux more or less since RH 6 or something, so it's
been a while. Nowadays it's a breeze, I've just installed RH9 as I would with
windows some years ago, even easier and faster.
Of course I play it carefully also now. I'm keeping a 8.0 in a different
partition, to avoid surprises.
I've learned to be patient and try not to update more than I have to, and I 
stick with planet stuff (except for ardour, and some other goodies), so it's
been really peaceful.
I can't praise Fernando too much, not only for the packages, but also for the
how-tos the organization of software, the speed on keeping up, the extra help,
the interest, everything.
And things start to look beautiful and shiny, I was surfing and found that the
scrolling middle button of my mouse began to work as it does in my windows at
work...also this mail in evolution is being spelled more correctly, and all
this out of the box.
And I do see quality in all the audio apps I'm exploring, amazing quality.
Ok, probably would take a real linux graduate to build up a machine ready
for professional use, but isn't that also true for Windows?!
Anyway for me it's not a question of choosing the best system, although I'll
bet in Gnu/linux/karma any day for features/performance.
It's also a matter of philosophy, of being able to have a machine that stands
for sharing of knowledge, freedom of access to technology, and in providing 
means for a better tomorrow, with more power to the people who use computers
and less for the industry giants. I rather pay my neighbor linux expert,than
have to buy a box to be able to make music or whatever.

Sorry for the lecturing, peace.