[PlanetCCRMA] Compiling a Kernel

Bryan Parrish baparrish@starband.net
Sun Apr 13 16:24:01 2003

This may perhaps be way off subject, forgive me and/or delete as you see

Nando, have you a 'recipe' for building the kernels that you do posted
somewhere ? I've got the 'kernel how-to' here as well as the RHCE book
by Osborne (ISBN 0-07-222485-1) as well as three other sources. ALL have
different steps, especially the last few steps. I've only managed to
compile and install one kernel successfully and it was real ugly once I
got it to boot. The kernel that I've been trying is the 2.4.20 from
kernel.org. Your 2.4.20-acpi kernel works fine, however I'd just like to
have my own, ya know what I mean ;-). I've tried to use your .config
file and it results in errors when I try to compile with a vanilla

Also have you messed with the 2.5.66 kernel ? Lots of different options
in that kernel and the make xconfig is pretty cool looking, very
intuitive gui. However I can't get a successful compile out of it so
far. I'm such a noob .....  With the 2.5.66, after you configure your
kernel it tells you that you can just 'make install' (instead of the
usual 'you must make dep next') if you wish. No make dep && make modules
etc ?? Regards.. Bryan