[PlanetCCRMA] odd behavior of my linux

Josh Steiner josh@vitriolix.com
Fri Apr 11 11:24:01 2003

guys, ever heard the phrase "dont look a gift horse in the mouth"?  the 
developers who code these applications in their free time for fun and 
not profit owe you and I exactly nothing.  aimless and over-general 
complaining about what linux and its applications lack (which i assure 
you, most developers already are well aware) only manages to demoralize 
the community.  if you have specific problems, please bring them up, but 
lamaneting the general state of things does no one any good.  especially 
on this forum which is so far the biggest boon towards both of your 
goals (an easy to use audio workstation) that i have yet seen in my 
near-10 years of linux experience. 


Mark Knecht wrote:

>>It really drives me crazy.
>>I have used for days now redhat 8 + Planet ccrma, I rebooted many
>>times my laptop (partly because of rosegarden hanging my
>>machine). So I know that the lowlat kernel 2.4.19 works. And
>>today, I rebooted, no pcmcia, no alsa. I rebooted once again with
>>the old kernel, launched synaptic. Synaptic told me that the
>>lowlat 2.4.19 kernel is not installed (it was!!) so I installed
>>once again. Pcmcia works now, but not alsa. I'm gonna re-install
>>alsa, but that's really odd.
>>There was an apt-conf problem discussed here, is it what's
>>driving me crazy me?
>Are you using the kernel with acpi support?
>What does your modules.conf file look like?
>>I was a mandrake user (still on one machine) and switched to
>>redhat 8 for planet ccrma. But now planet ccrma seems to focus on
>>redhat 9.0 .  It's really a pain in ass always upgrading. I was
>>doing more music with my old 1040 atari ste. How can it be so
>>difficult to have a decent midi sequencer on Linux ten years
>>after? For the midi newbie one complainig about rosegarden, he
>>should try muse. I find easier to get it working.
>>As a user, I feel really lost and disapointed by the state of
>>music on my beloved os.
>I agree! Fernando's work makes this much, much easier on guys like you and
>I, but I think the whole state of the Linux world is almost a fallacy in
>terms of stability for users. Yes, the OS is 'beloved', but the apps are
>not, and the developers (WHO LOVE TO COMPILE, TWEAK CODE, COMPILE MORE,
>much about users. I tried for 6 months to write a song really using Linux. I
>found as a user that I couldn't get one done. I was forever messing withthis
>stuff, as much for my curiousity as for tecnical or development reasons. I
>went back to Windows and wrote 8 songs in two weeks. My drummer likes 5 of
>them. That's a pretty goot ratio for me.
>However, if it wasn't for Fernando and the Planet, I would have given up 6
>months ago. Today I _THINK_ I'll get some great support apps - soft synths,
>mastering one of these days from Steve, nice metering, etc. - but as for
>Linux being my bread and butter platform, I'm not so sure anymore.
>Developer's attitudes about what they are really doing, and why, probably
>need to be 'tweaked'! ;-) (Or mine!!!)
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