[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Kernel 2.4.20-4.ll.acpi(smp) panic!

rncbc .net rncbc@hotmail.com
Sat Apr 5 10:22:01 2003

Hi there gain,

Just to check my progress and investigation on this kernel panic issue.

After several annoying and failed rebuilds, I've managed to reach a minimal 
kernel configuration difference from planetccrma's that leads to a bootable 
2.4.20 kernel in my dual P3 machine.

To get some of you in sync, I am taking planetccrma's 
kernel-2.4.20-smp.config as a base line along with the stock (vanilla) 
kernel source, with Andrew Morton's low-latency and Robert Love's 
preemptible patches jointly applied.

Here are the minimal feature changes from planetccrma's configuration that 
let finally me end with a working kernel:

- Processor type: Pentium-III/Celeron (Copermine)
- High Memory support: No
- MTRR support: No

All other was kept unmodified from kernel-2.4.20-smp.config. I think this 
can give a better clue of the kernel oops issue as now things are more 

For those who needs evidence of this issue, I'll remenber that it arose when 
I did this last planetccrma-core-smp package upgrade, which ended up 
installing the new 2.4.20-4.ll.acpismp kernel and respective alsa driver 
modules. The problem is, the new kernel (either up or smp) gets 
sistematically stuck at boot with a unpleasant kernel panic, as can be seen 
on the following (hard) screenshot:


The machine is a dual PIII@1GHz, w/512MB RAM, 2x120GB HDD IDE, where the
previous kernel 2.4.19-1.llsmp always ran very well, and still is in fact. 
As is the new built one, now considered in production :) Yes, jack, muse and 
ardour are working out fine... and that's what I call production ;)


rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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