[PlanetCCRMA] Must I upgrade to build Ardour?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Apr 5 10:00:03 2003

> > >    Am I the only person at the Planet building Ardour? My system seems
> > > to have updated a number of things, but Jack wasn't one of them. I'm
> > > still at Jack 0.51. Will I get Jack 0.66.x when I get configured with
> > > your newest Planet configurations?
> > 
> > No, I build ardour every now and again, but I keep one machine with CVS
> > JACK (so I can make patches to it).
>    Hi. I guess I understand that you developers can build everything
> from scratch so you don't required the Planet to absolutely up to date.
> I'm assuming that this issue is related to Fernando waiting for Jack to
> stabilize again? I don't read the developer lists much anymore, but what
> little I have seen has looked like Jack hasn't been working very well. I
> presume that Fernando is trying to mitigate the pain a lot of us user
> types would see?

Yes, that's correct. But, regretfully, there will be some pain :-)
-- Fernando