[PlanetCCRMA] a little ot but... (plus "there's something about jack")

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 4 10:13:01 2003

> > Current jack cvs... I spent almost the whole day yesterday rebuilding
> > rpms under rh8 to get everything rebuilt for the new jack.
> > Regretfully there are still problems with qjackconnect, quitting an 
> > application almost certainly causes qjackconnect to segfault (ok,
> > you can restart it but that should not happen). Anyway, I'll try to
> > post with more details.
> I'm using alsa-patch-bay now anyway since qt stuff is broken with
> shrike.

Alsa-patch-bay is also affected, it would seem it is a problem with the
jack server itself (or both apps share the same buggy code)

> > I could update the repository anyway, I have not made up my mind yet.
> > Jack users out there: thoughts? 
> How bout put the newer jackd packages up in a "secret" directory, (the
> same one I snuck the current kernael out of would be good) so those
> interested could grab it.

That would be possible but I would like to avoid it. It's more work. 

> > [two other caveats: the current ecasound - 2.2.2 - does not rebuild
> > with the current jack cvs, I would have to switch - temporarily - to
> > ecasound cvs; soundtracker does not build either, the old binary seems to
> > still work in limited tests although I would not trust it; in both cases it
> > is because of api changes in the transport layer of jack]. 
> Couldn't you just prevent people with those packages from installing
> the newer jack by setting un-meetable dependencies?  Probably a really
> bad idea...

That is what I did with all the rebuilt packages, they have an explicit
dependency on the new version of jack. So I could put jack in another
repository (the existing planetedge repository would do fine) but I
think people would still get messages about packages being kept on hold.
It is messy. 

I think it is either live with the qjackconnect (and alsa-patch-bay)
problems or wait till they are solved - but then we are behind on the
jack front and ardour users cannot build ardour. But if they update jack
just because of ardour all other jack aware applications that are not
rebuilt will have subtle problems (probably). Yuck...

-- Fernando