[PlanetCCRMA] a little ot but... (plus "there's something about jack")

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 3 19:58:01 2003

> Have any of you noticed any flakyness using pd and jack?  I'm able to
> kick myself out of pd quite easily by grabbing and moving several
> objects at once.  This only happens with "jackd -R" it can't be
> duplicated using alsa output alone.

Probably jack is kicking out pd. Pd is going to be difficult to really
integrate with jack as (as I understand it) meshes the gui and the audio
too closely so that the gui can delay the audio. 

> Jackd is a bit further along,
> maybe recent cvs improves stability?

Current pd cvs is supposed to be better from some comments I've read in
the pd list. I'll see if I can release a newer rpm. 

Current jack cvs... I spent almost the whole day yesterday rebuilding
rpms under rh8 to get everything rebuilt for the new jack. Regretfully
there are still problems with qjackconnect, quitting an application
almost certainly causes qjackconnect to segfault (ok, you can restart it
but that should not happen). Anyway, I'll try to post with more details.
I could update the repository anyway, I have not made up my mind yet.
Jack users out there: thoughts? 

[two other caveats: the current ecasound - 2.2.2 - does not rebuild with
the current jack cvs, I would have to switch - temporarily - to ecasound
cvs; soundtracker does not build either, the old binary seems to still
work in limited tests although I would not trust it; in both cases it is
because of api changes in the transport layer of jack]. 

-- Fernando