[PlanetCCRMA] synaptic failing on RH 7.3

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Apr 2 09:55:02 2003

> apt and apt-devel are at version 0.5.5cnc4.1-1 and synaptic's at
> 0.24.1-1.  I updated the apt.conf and sources.list files as required,
> and in fact, apt runs just fine.  I just upgraded the OpenSSL packages
> through apt, and it went swimmingly.
> Anyone know why this is happening?

Not a clue. I'll try to rebuild 0.24.1 under the new version of apt,
maybe there is an incompatibility if synaptic is using the apt libraries
(although there is one other report under 8.0 - maybe run synaptic under
gdb and send a backtrace?, not much _I_ could do as I'm not the synaptic

> On a side note, I noticed that there's an update for synaptic under
> RH 8.0 only.

That is because the new synaptic needs library versions that are newer
than the ones available in 7.2/7.3. This is starting to happen more
often, specially in 7.2. At this point I think I will not try to fix
that kind of problem anymore for 7.x (I mean updating other packages in
order to compile package x). 

Anyone out there still using 7.2? When I start supporting 9 I may start
dropping support for 7.2. 

> Fernando, is this the preferred installation of RH for using
> Planet CCRMA now?  I'll upgrade the OS if there's a reason to, and if it's
> the primary development platform for the Planet now, that's a good enough
> reason!

Not yet, but it will be soon. More and more I'm testing on 8.0 instead
of 7.x. We have been running 7.2 (heavily changed) here at CCRMA but we
are switching now to 8.0 (yes, just in time for the 9 release :-). So
building for 7.2 will get more difficult as well. I will keep a 7.3
build machine so that shoul not be a problem. 

-- Fernando