[PlanetCCRMA] UPDATE: apt.conf configuration! (and alsasound script)

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 1 16:56:01 2003

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Using apt means no dependency hell for users, that does not mean no
dependency hell for repository administrators :-) 

Anyway, first BEFORE DOING ANOTHER apt-get update:
Change your /etc/apt/apt.conf to the one included in this email (the web
site will be updated shortly with the right configuration file). 

After changing apt.conf you should be able to do:
  apt-get update
  apt-get dist-upgrade
And finally get the alsa driver packages version 0.9.2-4.1.cvs which
contain the modified alsasound startup script (that starts snd-seq

Sigh... sorry for all the trouble. More repository changes will happen
in a while to shift to the new architecture, not so radical as the last
one. Stay tuned...

-- Fernando

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// $Id: apt.conf,v 1.11 2003/02/23 16:14:11 dude Exp $
// See the apt.conf(5) man page for syntax and all available options

    Clean-Installed "false";
    Get {
        Assume-Yes "false";
        Download-Only "false";
        Show-Upgraded "true";
        Fix-Broken "false";
        Ignore-Missing "false";
        Compile "false";

Acquire {
    Retries "0";
    Http {
        Proxy ""; // http://user:pass@host:port/

    Ignore { };
    Hold { };
    Allow-Duplicated { "^kernel$"; "^kernel-"; "^gpg-pubkey$" };
    Options { };
    Install-Options "";
    Erase-Options "";
    Source {
        Build-Command "rpmbuild --rebuild";