[PlanetCCRMA] Additional audio programs

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 15 20:19:01 2002

>   I am interested in expanding the base of audio
> programs you have listed here.
>   Is it O.K. to try some and post back my results?
>   Currently, I am trying to install the user interface
> for aconnect, Alsa's connection software, and their
> mixer.
>   The problem I am having is that it says fltk is not
> installed, when it actually is.

Make sure that you have installed the -devel package. To see what you have 

  rpm -q -a | grep fltk

If you see only one line like this:
then you are missing the development package, which is necessary to 
compile new programs. To install it type:

  apt-get install fltk-devel

>   The GUIs for both are for alsa .9rc2.  Would trying
> to put a GUI on the .9 version here not work because
> of the version mismatch?
>   Also there are newer versions of Fltk available.  Of
> course, I don't want to install a newer one if it
> might break other working programs.

Yeah, that is usually a problem, some programs need _specific_ versions of 
libraries and then you have conflicts. In the Planet CCRMA world fltk is 
needed by SpiralSynthModular and the jack example clients. 

Which programs are you trying to install?

-- Fernando