[PlanetCCRMA] Audio kernel install problem

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 15 20:14:01 2002

>   Not too funny really.  I remember it being
> recommended in the Digi user list not to use onboard
> promise controllers over the ATA/66 ones for best
> performance.
>   It is strange that the other kernels work well but
> the audio one does not with my system.

No, it is not strange at all. The kernel I build is very simple and almost
plain vanilla Linus. What do I mean by this? Take a look at the web page
and look at the patches I have applied (which are mostly audio performance
related). That's all there is. If you were to look at the original redhat
source rpm for the kernel that ships with redhat then you would find that
the base kernel itself is older but on top of that redhat adds more like
200 patches (or more, I have not counted them). Obviously RedHat has a bit
more resources to do testing than I have... I have not looked but most
probably one of those patches is for the Promise controller.

So there's the tradeoff. It cuts both ways. On one hand maybe the stuff 
you have is covered by a patch in the original redhat kernel that I don't 
have in my kernel. There is also a chance that something might work in my 
kernel that does not work in redhat's just because my kernel is based on a 
newer release. Of course it can also have newer bugs :-) 

Most probably the best course of action given enough resources would be to
try to apply the audio related patches on top of the newest redhat kernel.
That's probably tricky, for example they don't have a full low latency
patch. Why? I don't really know but maybe the full patch conflicts with
other patches they have applied and then I would have to patch the patch
or remove other patches, which might have bad effects on the whole kernel.
That's why I try to keep things as simple as possible and keep the kernel
as up to date as I can but also as clean of extra patches as possible.
It's hard enough as it is...

Hopefully this makes the whole situation clearer.
-- Fernando