[PlanetCCRMA] Audio kernel install problem

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sun Sep 15 12:47:00 2002

We're getting into some funny areas here.

First, I admit I have heard things like this on the Redhat Install

However, there can't be too many problems with the onboard controller if you
were able boot the 7.3 kernel. It worked, so the drivers and all must have
been OK.

When you switched to the new audio kernel, the problem occurred, so it
sounds like a problem with only that kernel.

Personally I think something isn't compiled into that kernel that's
required. It's not surprising as Fernando (or who ever built the kernel)
wouldn't have known or thought about it.

Our job, possibly, is to determine what's required and get it compiled into
the kernel in the future. (My thought anyway...)

Have a great weekend all,

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>I have heard that there are problems with RedHat IDE

I think the promise controller is unique to this
board.  It is not made by Asus.

Thank you Juan.

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