[PlanetCCRMA] Audio kernel install problem

Jeffrey Roach roach_jeffrey@yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 19:25:01 2002

I sent a reply to this but I didn't get it posted to
the list I guess.

I think all of those items are in /boot.

There are errors during the initial install process of
Red Hat, none during the kernel upgrade and yes during
the reboot into the audio kernel.

Hardware is Asus A7V (BIOS 1011), 1.2G Athlon, 384
PC100 Sdram, IBM 20G 60GXP, On-board promise

10G is WinXp Pro and 10G is Linux (this is past the
1024th cylinder)

Hard drive is on on-board promise controller, not

Plug and play on in BIOS

I did a re-install of the OS to see what the errors
were.  Here they are in approximate quote,

'The partition table on /tmp/hde is inconsistent. 
Linux may not have detected the BIOS geometry
correctly.  Here we don't think so.  You can ignore
this but it may cause fixable problems later with some
boot loaders and FAT filesystems.  LBA is

Fdisk says,

'The number of cylinders is 2501.  This is O.K. but
larger than 1024.  There will be a problem if:

1. Software that runs at boot time e.g. lilo
2. booting and partitioning software from other OSes'

and when Auto-partitioning,

'Boot partition /boot may not meet booting constraints
for your architecture.  Creating a boot disk is

None of these messages causes any problems with the
Red Hat install or later, so they may or may not have
anything to do with the audio kernel boot problem.

I was going to get my first partition below the 1024
cylinder with fips but there are some files at the end
of the partition so I can't re-size it.  Ack.

Thank you.


--- Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano
<nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> > I have installed Red Hat 7.3 on an Athlon platform
> > and am attempting the CCRMA instructions.
> > Everything is fine up until installing and
> rebooting
> > into the new audio kernel.  At that point, Red Hat
> is
> > not able to mount the file system or find initrd
> and I
> > have to resort to using an older kernel.
> I've seen this before but it was due to a wrongly
> configured
> /etc/fstab file. That can't be the reason in your
> case because
> you are able to boot fine with the older kernel.
> I assume the install of the kernel was fine and you
> did not
> see any errors.
> What do you have in /boot? Do a:
>   ls -l /boot/*2.4.19*
> You should at least see these files:
>   /boot/initrd-2.4.19-1.llsmp.img
>   /boot/module-info-2.4.19-1.llsmp
>   /boot/System.map-2.4.19-1.llsmp
>   /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19-1.llsmp
> Hmmmm.....
> Do you see any errors during the boot process? The
> only thing
> I can think of right now is that the new kernel is
> not seeing
> your hard disk at all and then, of course, the rest
> follows.
> What is the hardware you have? Motherboard? Disk?
> -- Fernando
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