[PlanetCCRMA] What to download?

Mark W. Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sun Sep 1 10:50:02 2002

   Hi. I decided to try and take the jump this morning with Ardour but I'm
running into a small tools problem.

   Again, this PC was set up with a standard RH 7.3 install. I believe I
chose workstation and software development tools, but I'm not totally sure.

   My first surprise was that in trying to download Ardour from CVS that my
machine didn't have cvs! So I did an apt-get cvs and got past that one.
Ardour then downloaded just fine.

   In the step ./autogen.sh I'm getting the message

./.autogen.sh: command not found: aclocal

   I tried

apt-get install aclocal


apt-get install pkg-config

Neither worked.

   Obviously thee is some assumption about stuff that should be installed by
RH. What packages do I need to get to get going here?

   Also - when should I use these two commands?

apt-get rpm_name

apt-get install rpm_name