[PlanetCCRMA] added: cmt, not added: misc...

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 31 18:18:01 2002

* Added cmt 1.14 (Computer Music Toolkit), a very nice collection of
  LADSPA plugins that nicely complements the already existing collection 
  by Steve Harris. It is nice to be able to add something after many 
  packages that failed to compile and/or run (see below). 

* Anjuta has been added to the redhat 8.0 repository. 

* I have started adding some more info to the program entries, in
  particular which redhat versions it works with, and which sound drivers 
  it can use (jack/alsa/oss). The information is not complete yet (just
  testing the concept) and is probably not accurate in some cases, just
  typing stuff from memory :-)

Some packages I have tried lately, but did not work:

* OpenMusic 3.5: I managed to compile it under cmucl (not easy) but it
  does not run. I guess you just cannot ignore the errors that happen 
  during the compilation. Most probably the source is not compatible with 
  cmucl 3.0.9 (it was developed under 2.4). If some expert wants to pick 
  it up and try, let me know, I can supply tarballs of what I managed to 
  do. Too bad, it would have been a very nice complement to the existing
  common lisp based synthesis and composition environment. 

* Mix: compiles fine (after a few tweaks) but dies with a segfault when 
  trying to load a soundfile. There are comments and a source rpm in the 
  "Desideratum" section of the Planet pages. Debuggers welcome!

* aqsis 0.7: a Renderman compatible renderer. Compiles but I can't make it 
  work - it hits a segfault when trying to compile the shaders. It does 
  not even compile with gcc 2.96 so I was trying with 3.1. 

On the other hand, I am working on a new release of the Planet CCRMA low
latency kernel, now based on 2.4.20-rc1. I do have a couple of machines
booted into it and it seems to be working fine. When I do a release it
will also come with a much newer alsa driver, based on cvs after the rc5
release. New features! New bugs!

Another program that looks interesting is the open source version of
Blender, a rendering and modeling tool. I managed to get it to compile but
have not tested it yet (but at least it starts!).

-- Fernando