[PlanetCCRMA] alsaplayer - no audio through jack this morning

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Mon Oct 28 18:28:01 2002

   OK, on my studio PC 'alsaplayer -o jack' is working fine, but
'alsaplayer' by itself doesn't work. I get a big list of parameters and then
a message it's trying OSS. After that, nothing more.

   I think that maybe the problem on the office machine might be the mixer
and not anything about alsaplayer itself. I'll mess with that tomorrow and
get back to you if I can't solve it.

   I'll say right up front, I do not understand these mixers at all. It
seems that what I display in gamix changes what each thing does. None of
them have any VUs so you spend all this time poking around looking for
signals. Do you know of an alsa oriented mixer that has VUs of any type? I
haven't found one, expect for ardour.


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>    It seems I'm having trouble with just about everything this morning.
> After apt-get update, apt-get-dist-upgrade, which appeared to just do
> ecasound stuff, I'm now getting no audio from alsaplayer when it attempts
> play through jack. I probably did this over the weekend also, so possibly
> earlier apt-get operation killed this.
> 1) jackstart -R -d alsa -r 44100 -f Audigy
> 2) alsaplayer -r -o jack &
> 3) alsaplayer -r &
> What might be going wrong here? I've gone through and turned up all sort
> mixer stuff, but that didn't help.
> Very frustrated,

Try other jack applications to try to find out if it is jack or
alsaplayer. I don't think I have updated anything that could affect either
(not recently). The new ecasound is now jack-aware but it should not
affect other jack programs.

You can see which rpms were installed when by doing a:
  rpm -q -a --last | more

Let me know what the result is since the last time you had the system

-- Fernando

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