[PlanetCCRMA] ardour & midi seq

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Oct 28 07:26:02 2002

   I've done it. It works, but it has some pretty severe limitations.

   Since there is no sync between the transports of Ardour and either Muse
or Rosegarden, the only way this works is if you complete all your MIDI work
to perfection, and then manage to set your system up to record all the audio
from you soft synths in one pass. This can be multiple audio tracks, or a
stereo mix-down.

   Unfortunately, there is no real way to record some MIDI based audio
during a first pass, and then go back and record some more later, because
there is no way to sync tape rolling in Ardour to MIDI info coming out of
Rosegarden or Muse.

   You could, I suppose, record in multiple passes and then align audio on
different Ardour tracks by hand, but that's not practical at all. I'm using
20 MIDI track right now in a composition, and I need them to remain separate
audio tracks since they receive different post processing. This limitation
is forcing me to stay in a Windows environment for the foreseeable future.

   I am talking with the Rosegarden team about how to tie Rosegarden to Pro
Tools. Right now the Ardour team seems interested in working on other
problems and not this one, which is someone unfortunate from my perspective.
(But I do understand why...)

   Not the best news I could give you. Sorry.


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Dear All

Replying to myself, I just found out the excellent toot on Jack apps and
Ardour on http://www.boosthardware.com/LAU/quicktoots/toots/Jack_Ardour/ ,
and it looks promising.
Also printed the other tutorials, very interesting.

Fernando, are Muse and Rosegarden built with Jack support? I'll check it out
when I get home, but wanted to state it here, to see if anyone's tried to
record midi sequencing into Ardour?



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