[PlanetCCRMA] Ardour & other apps

Carlos Figueiredo - Ritualnet carlosfigueiredo@ritualnet.pt
Mon Oct 28 02:11:02 2002

Hi everyone!

This weekend I successfully compiled Ardour and it rocks!
Just a note, the answers provided lately to Lars were really helpfull (both
the jack-devel and the changes in .bashrc were needed), so maybe Fernando
could add it to the already excelent notes in the Planet.

Now I have another question. How can I connect freqtweak or other jack based
app to Ardour and record through it (or even use it as a Plug-in?). Is it
More difficult maybe would be to connect some non-jack apps to Ardour, maybe
SSM or AlsaModularSynth?

That's it, cheers all.