[PlanetCCRMA] [SOLVED]: CRON - cannot connect to jack server - 2 minutes after the hour

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Thu Oct 24 09:16:00 2002

Sort of....

OK, since you're all great guys I know you're not going to ask me a lot of
probing questions or make too many funny remarks about all the silly things
I can figure out how to do on a computer... You'll just privately read
bet3ween the lines and chuckle to yourselves... ;-)

but I have sort of uncovered what causes jack to get messed up.

1) Start jack (jackd -R -d alsa -r 44100 -d Audigy)
2) Run jack_lsp - everything is OK
3) Start a second copy of jack using the above command again (!!) ;-)
4) Run jack_lsp - everything still OK - that's good
5) Say 'Oops - I didn't want two jacks running'.
6) Kill the second copy of jack (ps -aux; kill -9 last_process_#)
7) Run jack_lsp - it fails - 'Jack sever is not running...'

Somehow, killing the second copy of jack makes the first copy unavailable to
all jack enabled apps. Not deadly, but not good. If you have a big setup of
applications, and then make a mistake that runs jack again, everything in
the first setup is hosed at that point.

Can this be fixed? I don't know how jack allocates it's buffers and what
not, but maybe something is really isolated from the second copy?


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Mark Knecht wrote:

>Good morning,
>   After running all night with crond turned off, jack was still working
>fine this morning. That's a first!
>   Thanks to Paul for sending the link on setting up cron. I'll be reading
>that today. However, In my mind, why in the world should ANY cron job cause
>jack to do this? Doesn't this speak towards a problem that needs to be

maybe (i can't imagine this is true, but you never know ...)
you have an overly aggressive cron script around that kills
/tmp/jack* files while jackd is running. another wild guess.

best you track down the hourly cron script(s) and check what
they do exactly.


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