[PlanetCCRMA] [OT] site database

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Oct 23 18:06:00 2002

> > Of course, I completely agree, it is a big mess right now. I'll try to
> > move things around to make the ordering saner (as a fast fix). Some
> > packages are going to be difficult to classify as they do more than one
> > thing. I was also thinking about a page of "to do this kind of task use
> > this package" recommendations or classifications.
> Aha...
> > Some sort of database searchable by keywords would be the thing to do, but
> > that is science fiction at this point :-) 
> No problems, if you have a db server and are not in a hurry I can knock
> something up for you.

Wow, that'd be something! I'm not in a hurry at all :-)

[this is a bit off topic, maybe we should take it off the list]

Anyway, the problem may be that my current method for creating the pages
may be reaching the end of the rope (I was already thinking it was too
"linear"). I currently just write latex and use latex2html for generating
all the pages. What it provides me and I could not live without is a way
to create macros or small programs within the latex file itself so that,
for example, a small command generates a reference to a package, url and
all, and so on and so forth. Very easy, very convenient, saves a lot of 

I wonder what else is out there that is text based (I would not be happy
to have to click my way through everything) and provides an embedded
language so that I can just write everything up in the same text file(s),
run a "compiler" and voila, the whole site is updated :-)

-- Fernando