[PlanetCCRMA] How do I get DV to work with Planet kernel?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Oct 21 22:15:02 2002

> I'm trying to get DV to work. I installed the DV related rpm's from 
> Planet CCRMA. I then tried to reconfigure my kernel (2.4.19-1.ll) using 
> xconfig but the IEEE 1394 option was greyed out. Any suggestions on how 
> I can get DV up and running using the planet kernel. 

You do not need to reconfigure or rebuild the kernel at all, it already
has the modules necessary to handle ieee1394 (at least for ohci compliant
chipsets). You will need to create two devices in /dev:

  mknod /dev/video1394 c 172 0
  mknod /dev/raw1394 c 171 0

(and of course make sure that the user who is going to deal with them has 
access to both devices)

Then load the kernel modules that deal with ieee1394:

  /sbin/modprobe raw1394
  /sbin/modprobe ohci1394

You should see messages in /var/log/messages when the chipset is
recognized by the drivers. After that it is just a matter of connecting
the camcorder (more messages should appear in /var/log/messages) and
firing up, let's say, kino. Capture should work.

Hopefully I'm not forgetting something crucial.
-- Fernando