[PlanetCCRMA] mammut, mix, OM, Csound, Cecilia (?)

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Oct 17 15:36:02 2002

> I would like to ask Planet-CCRMA if there is any plan for adding any of
> the following apps MAMMUT (it's really cool) and Mix (NOTAM), Open Music
> (IRCAM), Csound + Cecilia. Also, what about Ardour RPM?

  could be, but it looks very similar to ceres3 (which is part of the 
  repository). Apparently it is also a frequency domain tool as is 
  ceres3. What is the difference? 

Open Music (IRCAM):
  AFAIK it is for Macintosh (or so says IRCAM's website). I don't think 
  there is a linux version. 

  That would be possible but, _which_ csound? There's a lot of csounds
  out there... most probably everyone has his/her own favorite build. For 
  non real-time synthesis the repository already includes clm, for real-time
  stuff pd. 

  That could be added, I guess. I'll have to find the newest linux

  The author, Paul Davis, does not yet allow the build of binary packages. 
  Ardour is moving way too fast for that. If you are interested you can
  build it yourself from the ardour cvs. Planet CCRMA includes all the 
  necessary parts, other than ardour itself. 

-- Fernando