[PlanetCCRMA] redhat 8.0

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Oct 11 11:20:12 2002

>    See, I'm such a conservative guy, and all of this software is so buggy,
> that I don't want to spend time using software that isn't built right. For
> that reason I always feel like I might as well just rebuild everything,
> since if I run into a problem the developers are just going to tell me to do
> that anyway.
>    This raises a bit of a fear instilled in me the last couple of days. The
> apt-get update and dist-upgrade seems to have bumped the c compiler, or port
> of it anyway. I wasn't paying as much attention as I might have when I hit
> 'y' and let it do it, but it's done now.

That should not be a problem at all. It is a bug fix update that came from
RedHat so it should be fine, not changes in the c++ abi so no
incompatibilities (but of course RedHat has a less than stellar track
record on compilers :-) I have not noticed anything strange in my machines
or compilations.

>From the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
  "Don't panic." :-)

> [Up on soapbox] This is the MAJOR problem with Linux that I think the
> software community will NEVER grasp about the user community and will ALWAYS
> stand in the way of everyday people using Linux. Until the installation of
> new software is made fool proof, Linux will never move beyond the limited
> (but wonderful) group of people that use it today. I long for that day...
> [down from soapbox]

It will take a while. So, ahem, you have never had an install problem with 
other operating systems? For now linux requires a certain degree of 
expertise. But then again if you use other operating systems and do more 
than trivial stuff you have to have a certain degree of expertise. 

But I understand perfectly. I myself get fed up every once in a while when 
trying to compile and install things. It is a major pain. 

-- Fernando