[PlanetCCRMA] redhat 8.0

Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Thu Oct 10 19:07:13 2002

   I subscribe to the Redhat install list. Over there RH 8.0 has been a big

   Personally I didn't see that much value as it looked like it was the same
kernel. (I think...) My thought is to stay put until RH has a 2.5.X kernel,
since then I'd get low latency and XFS support as part of the standard

   Anyway, when you get to the point where enough things are working, I
could set up a machine and try it out also, but I'm hanging with 7.3 for
awhile more...


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So far nobody has asked (well, I got one inquiry off the list :-)

Planet CCRMA does not work "as is" on 8.0. I have installed 8.0 in a spare
disk and I'm starting to work on it. Apt needs to be recompiled, if you
are really curious you can grab a precompiled version for 8.0 from
freshrpms.net. After installing that and configuring sources.list for 7.3
I managed to get the Planet CCRMA kernel and sound drivers installed and
running, which is a good start.

After recompiling snd-guile (because of a weird dependency problem),
snd-motif and snd-utils install and seem to work. Both the cmucl and clisp
versions of the lisp world seem to work as well. Pd is fine. Muse fails to
start but that is not surprising (different c++ compiler and libraries).
Remember, I'm just trying the 7.3 packages. Hopefully no big roadblocks
ahead... we'll see what happens when I try to rebuild the tricky packages.

-- Fernando

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