[PlanetCCRMA] package architecture is bad

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 20 16:38:00 2002

> yes Fernando, there's not really problem, when executing rpm -hiv
> rosegarden-4-0.8-2.i386.rpm .... it's running well ....
> But problem only happen when i try to integrate the package
> rosegarden-4-0.8-2.i386.rpm into Red Hat distro (~/RedHat/base/comps
> file) .... So Anaconda expects it to be :
> <name>-<version>-<release>.rpm

I see, I'll wait till the next rebuild of rosegarden (or when I have a
chance - I don't want to have to push this to all users of Planet CCRMA
unnecessarily) and I'll switch the name to rosegarden4 (and add an
Obsoletes: to automate the update). Let me know if you have any other
changes to the packaging, it would be nice to stay in sync. 

Do you have guidelines anywhere for package naming? There are tons of
packages that are of the form nice-name-with-dashes-version-release so I
assume the problem is that a portion of the name is numeric only
(otherwise my package conforms to what you just sent me!). It is hard to
believe the installer (anaconda) is actually parsing the _string_ of the
package name to get to the name... 

Thanks for the feedback. 
-- Fernando