[PlanetCCRMA] virmidi driver for alsa

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Nov 18 16:13:01 2002

   Hi. I haven't had to do anything except run kaconnect to get MIDI routed
under RH 7.3. I don't know if 8.0 would be any different.

   The tempodisplay error was a few days ago when Paul was in what he called
'a long, protracted commit'. It's been OK since about last Thursday. Try
downloading again and give it a spin. You'll probably be OK.

Good luck,

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Hi all,

After struggling to build a bunch of linux audio apps without much success
the planet ccrma packages are a treat.  Thanks to all involved.

I've gotten alsa, jack, pd and rosegarden running under redhat 8.0 from the
planet ccrma packages.  I'm using a SBLive card and found I had to disable
the arts server in KDE from starting before I could get pcm capture to work
in alsa.  I have successfully routed audio about the system using jack but
when it comes to midi I don't seem to have the virtual midi port installed.
My regular hardware midi ports are working. Can you tell me how I could go
about adding virtual midi ports to my system?  I understand that these are
part of the alsa drivers.  Can I add more than one?

Also I haven't had any luck building ardour.  From the latest CVS sources I
get an error building the file tempodisplay.cc  I know it's outside the
scope of this list but has anyone else had similar problems?



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