[PlanetCCRMA] One more apt-get dist-upgrade item

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Nov 11 13:15:01 2002

   Something was included in the rpms, I guess, as I got two new file.
(apt.conf.rpmnew and sources.list.rpmnew) Neither of them is installed by
default, and I believe that apt-get starts failing immediately after being
updated which forces you to make a change.

   The included files cause problems for me on 7.3, but might be OK for
someone on 8.0. I don't know.

   There is no problem until you choose to use the new sources.list.rpmnew,
and even then it was pretty obvious that something strange was happening
since it was going to update 100 files. Not a common occurrence.

With best regards,

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>    I just did my office machine. (apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade)
> of my machines are RH 7.3. and both got the wrong file for
> sources.list.rpmnew. The file on the machine here in the office has
> redhat/8.0 in the sources.list.rpmnew file. I can send it to you if you
> it.

That's strange, I must have packed the wrong file in the rpm then. But
that does not make sense because I did not include the planet ccrma
sources.list file in the rpm (I think). You always have to download

>    No harm since I checked the file contents before copying stuff. I'll
> download the right stuff from the Planet by hand instead.

You only need to change the apt.conf file, the sources.list should
remain unchanged.

-- Fernando

(*) I could make this "automatic" in the sense that installing the rpms
could overwrite the apt.conf and sources.list files, I choose instead to
not override the current configuration. On one hand that enables you to
use a different apt rpm (maybe compiled by someone else with a different
version of rpm), plus it does not clobber any customization of your
files (for example, if you choose to point to another repository as

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