[PlanetCCRMA] Re: [Alsa-user] Playing Surround Sound with Alsa Drivers

Miguel Pastor MiguelPastor@adelphia.net
Tue Dec 31 20:38:01 2002

The surround volume is ok. I used the alsamixer and gmixer to set the
volume. The surround setting controls the volume of the rear speakers. I
can hear sound coming out of the rear speakers when I play a song with
"aplay" using the rear speakers device (a device called cs46xx-rear that
I created in the .asoundrc file). What I cannot do is use the surround40
device that suppose to send sound to all four speakers. 

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 20:08, Reg Clemens wrote:
    I only suggest this since you didnt mention alsamixer at all.
    You did check it and the surround is not muted and has an amplitude
    above zero.