[PlanetCCRMA] Pd Crashes LL kernel

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Dec 11 12:05:02 2002

> I was trying to run some old Pd patches on my Planet CCRMA box yesterday,
> and found that they would crash the whole system after a few minutes. 

Is this using alsa or jack? I assume this is kernel 2.4.19-1.ll... I
have not really used pd in a long time. 

> Has
> anyone else experienced this? How should I proceed to debug it? Also,
> there has been a new stable release of Pd (0.36). If nobody else is doing
> it, I can make a package...

I was planning on a package. That would be easy, except I want to find
the best jack support patch - the patch I'm using applies but is quite
old and most probably there is something better out there. Apparently
cvs has two versions of jack support, one using buffers (similar to the
one I think I have) and the other using proper jack callbacks. I have to
try them and see if they work fine. 

On all the 2.4.20 kernels I've been able to test so far I can make the
machine crash sooner or latter by running jack and a bunch of clients. I
don't think I have seen that on 2.4.19-1.ll but it might be that I have
not stressed it in the right way. 

[to the afflicted misspelled list members: sorry, to me: read the posts
before pressing send :-]

-- Fernando