[PlanetCCRMA] Simple test - alsaplayer

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Dec 10 18:11:03 2002

> > > Back home and starting testing of my new hardware. Following a nice,
> > > long, significant upgrade of KDE from the planet, 

[BTW, that came from RedHat]

> > > I attempt to run
> > > alsaplayer.The app comes up fine, but when I tell it to connect to the
> > > CD Player, I get an error message:
> > > 
> > > [root@Godzilla root]# alsaplayer -R -o jack &
> > > [2] 2773
> > > [root@Godzilla root]# got connect request
> > > got connect request
> > > jack: realtime scheduling active
> > > /usr/lib/libvorbisfile.so.3: undefined symbol: ogg_stream_reset_serialno
> That's definitely alsaplayer's fault. I built a new version today...

Strange, I don't get that under 8.0 (a cd plays fine) and redoing the
build on 7.3 I don't see errors or warnings that are pertinent. My 7.3
machine is at CCRMA so I cannot stick a cd in it remotely, but I tried
starting alsaplayer as a jack client (all remotely) and trying to start
a cd only results in a "CDDA: error opening device /dev/cdrom". 

For some reason the dependencies must be wrong but they are not apparent
to apt. Mark: could you send me the output of:
  rpm -q -a | grep vorbis
This is to first check we have the same versions (as it should be). 

This is what I get on my 7.3 build machine:
$ rpm -q -a | grep vorbis

>   If you build it, I will test it, but I'm a little concerned that 
> this might actually be another version of this kernel drive-reordering
> problem I've been having.
> /dev/cdrom -> /dev/hdd
> I'm worried that possibly hdd under the RH kernel has a new name when
> I boot under the Planet kernel...

Does not look like it has anything to do with that. Alsaplayer (or
rather, one of its plugins) is complaining about a missing symbol in a
library (the libvorbisfile library). 

-- Fernando