[PlanetCCRMA] RE: [ardour-dev] Re: [linux-audio-dev] HDSP 9652 Users - Request for info

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Dec 10 11:37:01 2002

   I think that if the dmesg/var/log/messages output said there were
buffers, then it was getting loaded by automatically. Most likely this is
because it is in modules.conf.

   However, when I ran insmod snd-hdsp by hand, I got some error messages
that were a bit different than the :init_module message that shows up at
boot time. These messages (from memory) had something to do with memory
buffer or memory addresses more memory names. I don't remember right now,
but will check it out later and report back.

   Mostly Fernando and I wanted to know what configurations successful users
were using. Since I'm on 7.3, I have this funky C compiler, and just wanted
to know if others were successful. I'm still considering a RH8.0 upgrade
simply to get rid of some of these issues with Ardour and Rosegarden. (And
probably create new issues...who knows?)


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>   Hi. Actually, I tried that last night, but I didn't load the
>snd-hammerfall-mem. It complained about some sort of missing references.
>I'll give this a try later today. Thanks.

in the message you sent recently, snd-hammerfall-mem worked just fine,
and reported allocating buffers for the card.

if snd-hammerfall-mem doesn't load, then neither snd-hdsp nor
snd-rme9652 (not relevant here) can do so.