Mark Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Mon Dec 9 21:52:01 2002

   I sent a message off to the alsa lists this evening outlining the
state of things WRT my getting this card running. The response was to
please be very sure that we really have the one line patch applied as
there are two other people that have this card working and that's
apparently all they had to do. While I understand we think it is
applied, all of the responses from my machine seem to indicate it isn't.

   My thoughts right now are:

1) The patch didn't get applied, even though we think it did. Unlikely.

2) I didn't really install the RPMs correctly. Please remember I sort of
did it in two steps since I didn't get the instructions to do all 6
packages in one command until later. Maybe this caused something to go

3) The patch is installed and so are the RPMs, but somehow my
modules.conf (or some other file) is causign the system access something

4) Something I haven't thought of.(A vast universe of possibilities.)

   I really tend to believe that we are but minutes away from the right

   I'm wondering when you'll be putting this new version of alsa on-line
for general consumption. I'm also considering doing some massive alsa
uninstall on this box via Synaptic and then starting over to see if the
results change. I am not currently considering building alsa myself.

Just puzzling...