[PlanetCCRMA] HDSP 9652 patch - Failed Dependencies

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Dec 9 10:57:01 2002

   Thanks for taking the time to double check. I understand that this is a
new card and may take some time to get it working correctly. At the same
time, I want to get it going since this box is going to be my main Linux
DAW, and this is the main card. (3 ADAT interfaces, 1 s/pdif interface, 2
MIDI interfaces)

   Again, the card is working at least a bit under Windows, so I know there
are no major hardware problems. I think it's just a matter of figuring out
how Alsa really works. (Probably worth a PhD thesis I think...) ;-)

   I will run chkconfig when I get home this afternoon. That's a good idea.

   I have not found anything in the system logs yet, but I haven't looked
really hard. That will be over the next few days I think.

   This is a very stable machine, with a very common motherboard, but it
hasn't run Linux for a long time. Maybe there is some funny thing about it.
It has an onboard audio controller of some sort. I think I have it off in
BIOS, but possibly it's on and causing alsaconf some sort of problem. I
thought of that one earlier this morning.

Thanks much,

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> 3) At the end of alsaconf, I get failures saying it can't find the card.
> It tries to start alsa but fails. I've cold booted. No changes.

Then there must be something else missing (in alsa) that does not
recognize the card. I'll double check that the alsa version I put in the
site does have the one line patch you sent me.

> One interesting clue. I cold booted and when I was at the command line,
> after logging in, but before starting X, I looked at dmesg. I saw no
> messages about the HDSP card.
> After going into X, I looked at dmesg again, and the messages were
> there. Don't know what that means.

You must have alsa enabled to start only on level 5 (X) and not on level
3 (multiuser startup). See what "chkconfig --list alsasound" tells you.

> The other VERY troubling thing about this process is that ANY time I run
> alsaconf, I cannot reboot cleanly. The machine hangs trying to shut down
> eth0, or somethign close to that point. Reset button, fsck time upon
> reboot. Bummer #2.

Yuck... anything in the logs? (/var/log/messages).
-- Fernando

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