[PlanetCCRMA] emi26 tips?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Dec 5 18:04:01 2002

> Secondly,  I'm using the emagic emi 2|6 usb audio
> interface currently.  And here's the deal...

On one hand most probably the current default alsa version of the planet
is too old. A lot of things have happened in the audio usb world since I
released it. I'm currently working on getting current cvs compiled...
hopefully you'll see news about this tomorrow. 

> I THINK I need to let the kernel load the emi26
> firmware BEFORE alsa will acknowledge the card (it's
> the only way to light up the emi, otherwise it sits
> dark and useless).  This seems to work but I have to
> rmmod the "audio" module to get any sound out.  With
> the audio module loaded the alsamixer wont load but
> with it rmmod-ed I'm able to run alsamixer and
> alsaplayer and make sound.

The "audio" module is the oss sound driver. I think you have to add it
to the blacklist in the /etc/hotplug/blacklist, just add two lines at
the end, one with "audio" and the other with "usb-midi" (so that oss usb
midi support does not load). After that hotplug should not load it at

> BUT...
> Other apps (bluecurve sound events,
> gnome-sound-recorder, sweep - unable to open /dev/dsp,
> audacity - audio I/O error, terminatorX - Error
> starting engine: failed to access audiodevice).  I
> used all the ccrma programs on rh 8.0 with the ccrma
> up kernel.  Lsmod reports snd-usb-audio loaded (and
> all the accompanying stuff also).

What do you see in /proc/asound/devices?

-- Fernando

[I just managed to get the i386 arch compile of alsa going again, sigh,
that took me a while and will, I hope, solve the problems other users
have been having when trying to use the i386 kernel - turns out that my
naming of the kernel (kernel-up, kernel-smp) breaks the generation of
the /boot/kernel.h file on reboot and thus the symbol names used
correspond to the i686 kernel instead of the i386, and no, the naming is
not arbitrary, see the changelog file on the web for details]