[PlanetCCRMA] Unable to run alsaplayer

Mark W. Knecht markknecht@attbi.com
Sat Aug 31 17:19:01 2002


   Duh....no kidding. DAC0 _and_ DAC1? Imagine that! Turn up DAC 1 - get
sound on the right! Boy do I feel stupid!! ;-) Well, at least I didn't spend
too much time on that one! Thanks!

   I'm still getting the 'second' set of messages, but at least we know
that's not the right channel now.

   It may be an alsaplayer issue. I can join that reflector and see what I
can find out there, as well as on the alsa site.

   Thanks so much. Have a great, long weekend.

Take care,

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> 1) The reason there were two sets of errors in the earlier post was
> we have two channels. For whatever reason, when I change the -f and -g
> options, it only fixes the left hand channel. The right still has no
> and has the clicks.

Hmmm, The error happens when alsa tries to set the parameters for the
output stream as a whole, it does not do that for each channel (alsa does
not work like that). Alsaplayer may be trying twice to open the stream
for all I know.

> 2) If I turn on the -r option (real-time scheduling) then the clicks and
> messages go away, but I still get the error message for the right channel

Hmmm, you mean you get only one message and it is exactly the _same_?

>    xmms does the same thing playing a *.ogg file I downloaded. I get audio
> on the left, clicks on the right. I see no option for 'real-time
> on that program.

If you installed alsa-tools there should be a program called envy24control
that could come handy. I don't have a 2496 so I don't know for sure which
options will appear on your screen... So, start envy24control. Click on
the "Monitor Mixer" tab and see if when you play you see the meters move
on the first two channels. If you do then the problem is levels on the
mixer. If you have a tab named "Analog Volume" verify that both DAC0 and
DAC1 are up.

-- Fernando

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